Customs and Immigration

  • All arrivals and departures outside of the UK must complete a General Aviation Report (GAR) and fax a copy to the Airfield Manager on 01403 734444, or email [email protected] 
  • The GAR for all flights notified for customs and immigration purposes should also be sent to:
    • NCU (National co-ordination Unit) fax 01708 862521 or 0870 240 3738, email [email protected]
    • UK Border Agency, email [email protected]
    • In addition, flights to and from the Channel Islands / Isle of Man / Eire / Northern Ireland must inform Bedfordshire Police Special Branch by fax 01582 723352 or email [email protected]
  • Notification Periods:
    • Outbound to EU - no obligation to notify
    • Outbound/inbound Channel Islands - 12 Hours
    • Inbound from EU - 4 Hours prior to arrival
    • Inbound/outbound other non EU - 24 Hours

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